In today’s world corporate espionage has become very popular in the information warfare spectrum. A.P.T. (Advanced Persistent Threats) are groups of hackers that are commonly hired by unethical stakeholders who target companies, banks, hospitals and government institutions. One of the most common and easy targets are Senior and Government Executives; people with power and direct access to the “Keys of the Kingdom”, executives usually lack of knowledge on how to protect their systems from well experienced “Black Hats”, even under highly secured environments with firewalls, Antivirus or Intrusion Prevention Systems, Hackers have become very efficient with sophisticated evasion techniques, they know how, when and where to target their preys, they can set up easy traps that are hard to detect without the proper countermeasures. One of the biggest mistakes is to believe talented IT personnel can effectively thwart threats, the only way to reduce the risk of being compromised, is through specialized Cybersecurity services.


In Mayan Technologies we know the only way to protect against advanced persistent threats is hiring “Ethical Hackers”; Cibersecurity professionals that have the same knowledge as a Black Hat, but applied to protect organizations from the latest threats. With more than 15 years of experience in the Information security field, our team of talented professionals hold worldwide recognized certifications that encompases the latest training methodologies from the FBI, NSA and the White House. Our experience is based on protecting fortune 100 companies with more than 90,000 nodes.


○  We test if you corporate environment is safe from the latest threats through external and internal penetration testing.

○  We audit your IT security Governance and Compliance based on local and worldwide regulations.

○  If you suspect or you are already compromised, we take the bad guys out of your network.

○  We show you how to properly handle your IT Security budget based on the Risk analysis model ISO 2700X.

○  We show you how to classify your data and implement “Defense in Depth” to prevent easy access to your digital treasury.

○  We monitor your personnel for unauthorized activity.

○  We show you how to save more than 70% using Open Source technologies for IT security stacks.

○  We architect or re-architect your IT Security infrastructure (Commercial and Open Source).

○  If you don’t have a Security Operations Center (S.O.C), No problem we can outsource it for you!

○  We provide APT threat intelligence from the cloud, your devices will be protected in real time with the latest indicators of compromise (IOCs).

○ We run advanced WEB spiders / sentinels that are continuously monitoring social media for bad reputation / sentiment.

○ We detect if your private or corporate data has been exposed through public sites

○ Based on your IT infrastructure, we advise you with the latest threats or vulnerabilities in real time

○ We craft specialized feeds to monitor your competitors

○ We alert you from database leaks including passwords, social security numbers, credit cards, financial statements, etc.

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